The Journal of Cetacean Research & Management plans to launch a new Special Issue on cetacean tagging in 2024. We are seeking papers on the following topics:

  • Development of cetacean tracking methods and technology;
  • Assessment of the potential effects of telemetry instruments on the behaviour, physiology, health, reproduction and/or survival of cetaceans;
  • New ecological findings from cetacean tracking;
  • Application of telemetry methods to improve cetacean conservation and management.

JCRM is the in-house journal of the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Special Issues have been important sources of information for key cetacean research and conservation topics. Previous examples can be found here.

JCRM was recently restyled, with the average publication time (from submission to online publication) now 5 months. JCRM does not charge publication fees. You can find our full submission guidelines here.

If you would like to submit a paper to this Special Issue, please contact the editorial board here:

We expect to receive submissions by 30th August 2024 and publish final papers online as they are accepted.

Thank you,

Frances Gulland, Jooke Robbins, Iain Staniland & Alexandre Zerbini