The Journal of Cetacean Research and Management is committed to the highest standards of scholarly publishing. By insisting on thorough peer review procedures, in combination with careful editorial assessment, the Editor and the Editorial Board ensures that only scholarship of the highest quality is published. 

The Journal is under the leadership of the Editor and an independent Editorial Board  who ensure the accuracy, completeness, and originality of every published article; they are accountable for all the content published.

JCRM follows the guidelines outlined by The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) at


Listed authors are expected to have made substantial contributions to the published article for instance the conception or design; the acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data; creation of new software used in the work;  the drafting or substantial revision of the manuscript. All authors must approve the submitted version (and any substantial modifications that involve their contribution).

Authors are required to disclose affiliations, funding sources, and competing interests that might be perceived as sources of bias related to the reported research and/or presented content. Authors must ensure that their submitted work is not libellous and does not infringe in any way on the copyright of another party.

By submitting, authors agree to be personally accountable for their own contributions and for ensuring that questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are appropriately investigated, resolved, and documented in the literature.

Errors, Corrections, and Misconduct

In instances where a significant error has been published for which a correction needs to be made, and in all cases where there is reason for concern about such matters as plagiarism, fabrication of research, duplicate publication, or failure to disclose conflicts of interest, the Editor will review and resolve the matter in consultation with the Editorial Board. In all instances, the Journal is committed to preserving the integrity of the scholarly version of record.


Reviewers are required to disclose any conflicts of interest and seek advice from the Editors if they are unsure. They must respect the confidentiality of any information and not allow their judgement to be influenced  by the nationality, religious or political beliefs, gender or other characteristics of the authors.