Short Communication: First documented migration of an Icelandic humpback whale mother and calf pair from the West Indies breeding grounds

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Charla Basran
Valerie Chosson
Andre Williams
Nikola Simpson
Sydni Anne Long
Flordespina Dodds
Marianne H. Rasmussen
Julia A. Horrocks


Photo‐identification images of the ventral tail flukes of an individual humpback whale with calf were taken off Barbados, West Indies in March 2022. These images were matched to photographs taken in Westfjords Iceland between August–September 2022. This adult female whale had previously been documented in Northeast and Westfjords Iceland in several years between 2006–2019. This represents the first documented within‐year mother and calf migration to the Icelandic feeding ground. Additionally, it represents the most southerly confirmed match of an individual identified in Icelandic waters to a West Indies breeding ground, in an area where there has been little dedicated research.

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