Short Communication: Lateralised lungefeeding behaviour in Southern Hemisphere fin whales at Antarctic feeding grounds

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Alexander Nicolas Rychwalski
Helena Herr


Balaenopterids use dynamic feeding lunges to capture prey, often performing roll manoeuvres which may demonstrate a side preference or laterality. In this study, we use aerial video footage of fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) feeding at Elephant Island, Antarctica, to investigate laterality in the Southern Hemisphere fin whale subspecies B. p. quoyi. Right‐biased lateralisation was observed in all 63 recorded side lunges, 57 of which displayed visible lunge directions, the majority being clockwise (98.3%). These results complement existing information on lateralised feeding behaviour in Northern Hemisphere fin whales, confirming a strong right‐sided bias across the different fin whale subspecies.

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