Sightings of dwarf minke whales in the Southern Hemisphere during the SOWER cruises

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Hidehiro Kato
Koji Matsuoka
Gen Nakamura
Peter B. Best


This paper examines sightings of dwarf minke whales during the SOWER cruises. A total of 12 sightings were made between 1994/95 and 2003/04, across a relatively wide latitude (37°S–62°S) but limited longitude, between IWC Management Area III (0–70°E) and V (130°E–170°W), with no sightings in Area I (0–60°W) or II (60°W–120°W). Despite this low number of sightings, most were close to the Antarctic Convergence at 58°S–65°S. There may be some seasonality in their southbound migration.

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