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Published: 2001-10-30

Occurrence of southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) along southeastern Brazil

Marcos César de Oliveira Santo, Salvatore Siciliano, Shirley Pacheco de Souza, Jose Luis Altmayer Pizzorno


Stranding events of southern right whales, Eubalaena australis, in southern Brazil

Antonio B. Greig, Eduardo R. Secchi, Alexandre N. Zerbini, Luciano Dalla Rosa


Demographic parameters of southern right whales off South Africa

Peter B. Best, Anabela Brandão, Doug S. Butterworth


Mortalities of right whales and related anthropogenic factors in South African waters, 1963-1998

Peter B. Best, Victor M. Peddemors, Victor G. Cockcroft, Nan Rice


Reproductive parameters of the North Atlantic right whale

Scott D. Kraus, Philip K. Hamilton, Robert D. Kenney, Amy R. Knowlton, Christopher K. Slay


Sighting heterogeneity of right whales in the western North Atlantic: 1980-1992

Moira W. Brown, Solange Brault, Philip K. Hamilton, Robert D. Kenney, Amy R. Knowlton, Marilyn K. Marx, Charles A. Mayo, Christopher K. Slay, Scott D. Kraus


Conservation status of North Pacific right whales

Robert L. Brownell, Phillip J. Clapham, Tomio Miyashita, Toshio Kasuya


A note on recent surveys for right whales in the southeastern Bering Sea

R.G. LeDuc, W.L. Perryman, J.W. Gilpatrick, Jr., J. Hyde, C. Stinchcomb, J.V. Carretta, R.L. Brownell, Jr.


Ultrasonic measurement of blubber thickness in right whales

M. J. Moore, C.A. Miller, R. Arthur, W.A. Lange, K.G. Prada, M.K. Marx, E.A. Frey