A peer-reviewed journal publishing original scientific research on the conservation and management of whales, dolphins and porpoises around the world. 

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47536/jcrm.v12i1

Published: 2012-01-01

Rate of increase and current abundance of humpback whales in West Greenland

M. P. Heide-Jørgensen, K. L. Laidre, R. G. Hansen, M. L. Burt , M. Simon , D. L. Borchers , J. Hansen, K. Harding , M. Rasmussen, R. Dietz, J. Teilmann


Southern Hemisphere Breeding Stock D humpback whale population estimates from North West Cape, Western Australia

Chandro Salgado Kent, Curt Jenner , Micheline Jenner, Philippe Bouchet, Eric Rexstad


Cetacean distribution and relative abundance in Colombia’s Pacific EEZ from survey cruises and platforms of opportunity

Daniel M. Palacios, Julio C. Herrera, Tim Gerrodette, Carolina Garcia, German A. Soler , Isabel C. Avila , Sandra Bessudo, Elizabeth Hernandez, Fernando Trujillo, Lilian Forez-Gonzalez, Iain Kerr


Winter sighting of a known western North Atlantic right whale in the Azores

Monica A. Silva , Lisa Steiner , Irma Cascao, Maria Joao Cruz, Rui Prieto, Tim Cole, Philip K. Hamilton, Mark Baumgartner


Detecting changes in the distribution of calling bowhead whales exposed to fluctuating anthropogenic sounds

Trent L. McDonald, W. John Richardson, Charles R. Greene Jr., Susanna B. Blackwell, Christopher S. Nations, Ryan M. Nielson, Bill Streever


Euthanasia of beached humpback whales using explosives

Douglas K. Coughran, Ian Stiles , Peter R. Mawson