This volume, the first special issue of the Journal of Cetacean Research and Management, traces the work of the IWC (International Whaling Commission) Scientific Committee on the issue of chemical pollutants and cetaceans. It culminates in the major research initiative, POLLUTION 2000+, agreed by the Committee and the Commission at the 1999 Annual Meeting held in Grenada.


Published: 1999-01-01

Report of the workshop on chemical pollution and cetaceans

P. J. H. Reijnders, G. P. Donovan, A. Aguilar, A. Bjorge


Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, dibenzofurans and polychlorinated biphenyls in New Zealand cetaceans

Paul D. Jones, Donald J. Hannah, Simon J. Buckland, Tania Van Maanen, Scott V. Lea Ihem, Stephen Dawson, Elisabeth Slooten, Anton Van Helden, Michael Donoghue


Cancer in beluga whales from the St Lawrence Estuary, Quebec, Canada: A potential biomarker of environmental contaminatio

Daniel Martineau, Stephanie Lair, Sylvain De Guise, Thomas P. Liscomb , Pierre Beland