A peer-reviewed journal publishing original scientific research on the conservation and management of whales, dolphins and porpoises around the world. 

DOI: https://doi.org/10.47536/jcrm.v2i3

Published: 2000-01-01

Humpback whales in the Southern Cook Islands, South Pacific

Nan Hauser, Hoyt Peckham, Phil Clapham


A breeding area for humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) off Ecuador

Meike Scheidat, Cristina Castro, Judith Denkinger, Janira Gonz´alez, Dieter Adelung


Results of passive acoustic surveys for odontocetes in the Southern Ocean

Russell Leaper, Douglas Gillespie, Vassili Papastavrou


Osteological variation in the spectacled porpoise (Phocoena dioptrica)

William F. Perrin , R. Natalie P. Goodall , Mario A. Cozzuol


Mysticete whale abundance and observations of prey associations on the central Bering Sea shelf

Sue E. Moore , Janice M. Waite , Lori L. Mazzuca , Roderick C. Hobbs